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We're Not Afraid

We're Not Afraid
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
Band Members: Joshua James - Vocals
Matt Fuzzo - Bass
Travis Lee - Guitar
Shuhei Nomura - Guitar
Chris Lucas - Drums

We're Not Afraid Bio:

n mid-2008, after flirting with eternal-hipsterdom, Josh and Travis ran screaming from Hollywood as fast as their boots would carry them. They landed back where they started: in suburbia. As sweet as having part-time jobs at Starbucks was, they weren't satisfied. After bitching about it to each other for a few weeks, Josh got in touch with his tight-friend-from-way-back-when, Chris. Chris and his friend Matt had been doing quite well for themselves with their current band Better Luck Next Time, but were jonesin' to try their hand at something different.


"Let’s hang out's!" were proposed.
"Hell ya, bro's!" were returned.

and the makin's of a new band were had.

After a few practices, the boys found their spacious studio feeling somewhat empty with only 4 members, so they began their search for a 5th member. In accordance with California's Affirmative Action laws, Shu was recruited from nearby Tokyo, Japan. With the batting order filled up, the songs written and no name to be had, recording for the full length album "Adventures in Poverty" began.

Somewhere between tracking and sleeping, Matt offered multiple shots to Travis. Not out of the kindness of his heart, mind you, but because he didn't want to be the only one drinking.

"I'm not afraid." Replied Travis to each shot offered.

Being tired, confused and having more booze than common-sense, they agreed this was a very, very good name. Funny thing, whiskey...


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