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Wednesday Night Heroes

Wednesday Night Heroes
Hometown: Edmonton, Canada Current Label: BYO Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Graeme (vox )
Luke (bass)
Konrad (Guitar)
Jay (tubs)

Wednesday Night Heroes Bio:

Edmonton based punk band, The Wednesday Night Heroes have been taking the Canadian underground by storm since their 1997 inception. The name, chosen to essentially immortalize the mandate of fun and positivity, comes from a quote overheard from Dee Snider (of the famed American band, Twisted Sister) in an Edmonton nightclub where he preached that “…it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, because if you really want to let loose, you’ll do it without concern for tomorrow.”

The live-for-now attitude is the real power behind the band and more importantly the motivation for the high-flying stage show and energetic sound. Lyrically, the songwriting is propelled by a sense of urgency and social consciousness that embodies the rallying call for all disaffected youth. With blistering guitar work accompanied by a rock solid war-like rhythm section, this is truly intense music for the people. Catchy sing-along back-up vocals make sure that any audience will be part of the show to create a positive atmosphere where the energy is just as infectious as the music.

Comprised of four avid music collectors with a wide variety of influences and tastes, The ‘Heroes’ brand of punk rock is raw and highly energetic with a style firmly embedded in the historic roots. Their vigorous old-school style of punk is influenced by radical bands from the U.K. like GBH, The Clash, Chelsea, The Professionals and Cockney Rejects to some of the hardcore acts from the U.S. like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds and Naked Raygun. Not to mention the noticeable Edmonton connection between the WNH and the legendary skate rockers SNFU.

After two years of perfecting the highly infectious "Guilty Pleasures" in the Edmonton based Twilight Living Studios, BYO Records have finally taken it upon themselves to release this ball of energy to the masses. Armed with a substantial and loyal fanbase, the WNH are hoping that with the right amount of help and a little luck from the community, their upcoming record will explode into a worldwide movement. Let’s make sure that punk is not only fun, but can be a threat once again!

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