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Youth Brigade

Youth Brigade
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: BYO Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: sHawn sTern- vocals, guitar
maRk stErn- drums, vocals
JoEy bAllS- bass, vocals
JoHnNy--guitar, vocals

Youth Brigade Bio:

YOUTH BRIGADEwas formed at the end of summer 1980 in Los Angeles, amid the explosion of the punk scene in Southern California by brothers Shawn, Mark, and Adam Stern. The brothers Stern have established YOUTH BRIGADE as one of the most powerful, independent groups in North America over the course of their 25 years of existence. The basic philosophy of the band is that "youth" is an attitude, not an age and that every generation has the responsibility to change what they feel is wrong in the world. Unfortunately, it seems that many people either forget or grow weary of this responsibility as they get older in years, so the band feels it is really important that every new generation realize this responsibility and act upon it. It is with these ideals in mind that the band was started, and that eldest brothers Shawn and Mark formed the Better Youth Organization in '79. The BYO is dedicated to promoting alternative music, art and other creative endeavors in a completely independent manner. They started off promoting shows, (they ran the infamous Godzilla's nightclub in 1981), started BYO Records in 1982, (which has released 102 records to date and become one of the strongest and most respected indie labels in the world) set up tours for many bands, (including the first BYO tour which was done in a big school bus and documented on 60 hours of video tape to become the movie, "Another State of Mind"), as well as many other projects too numerous to mention.

Youth Brigade celebrated our 25 year anniversary in 2005 and we are still writing new songs and hope to finally record and hit the road to say thank you to all of you! We know that without your support we could never have survived!

Hey, people, the way we all get our music is changing (if you hadn't noticed) which means people are not buying records and CD's as much and that's fine. However, PUNK ROCK will not survive without your support, so if you're downloading music, that's great, but please, BUY IT. It's not a lot of money to pay $10 for an album download but it means a lot to the survival of bands like us and independent punk rock labels like BYO.

We are extremely lucky to still be doing this and we know that without the support of people like you we could never have done it. However, we really hope you all understand how important you, the fans, are in this whole scenario. Most Punk Rockers are intelligent and very aware about what's going on, but we feel it necessary to remind all of you here on myspace that BUYING music is the only way for your favorite bands to be able to continue making music!


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