IndieBox Music

Bands:  1000 Degrees

IndieBox Music @360 was born in 2004 out of an idea of Maurizio Vinci and Debora Dolcetto. The idea came from a personal and ongoing experience in the world of music; beginning also as musicians in 1999, this allowed us to have the right overall view necessary for working with, and most importantly, better understanding the artists’ actual needs.

With IndieBox independent artists can finally be supported in all aspects of their activity or can simply decide to be aided by our collaboration, choosing which of our services suits them better.

Being able to find all the assistance needed inside the same structure will help, and we’re sure about this, to avoid useless dispersion of time and energy on both parts, allowing all the resources of whoever is involved in the project to be focused at their best.

IndieBox is a reality that embraces a very essential philosophy, clear and simple, matured by musicians for musicians.