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75orLess Records
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The 75orLess music ‘label’ was started in February 2006, and has since released over 200 albums, specializing in indie, punk, garage, and other non-traditional and non-commercial music genres. We obviously couldn’t compete in the modern music business, so we aren’t even going to try. Convincing anyone of anything positive about underground music has become too difficult, so by putting this music out, there’s the small hope the weirder music fans will discover it. The ‘label’ specializes in small print runs on vinyl and offers each album for sale through the label webpage. We do not distribute our cds in stores outside the Providence, RI/ Southeastern Mass area. Typical releases have between 50-500 copies made, almost all with digital download options. We also offer advice on affordable custom packaging creation and design, recording, live booking, equipment hook-ups, promotion and a shoulder to cry on. 99% of our bands aren’t on tour, but perform live in the RI/Mass area, hence, the traditional role of ‘label’ is quite overstated in our case.

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