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Inconsapevole Records Bio:

We of the Inconsapevole Records strongly believe in reciprocal support among bands and this we regard as the essential prerequisite in order to belong to the "family".

We never signed a contract with any of the bands which have coworked with us and we never will. Our key reference points are the Dischord Records and the Ian MacKaye attitude.

On one hand we won't promise to our bands the moon and we rather hold on to a down-to-earth approach because this, we think, is the most appropriate, straight forward perspective when it comes to the Italian independent music scene. On the other hand we try to aim high and not set ourselves limits by always doing what we do with true dedication and passion.

We do not and never will require any commitment from the bands, except for sensible reciprocal respect and honesty.

We think music is very important, but people are paramount; therefore there is no room in Inconsapevole Records for self-acclaimed new rock stars of the moment.

Inconsapevole Records will never be bothered with music fashion trends; we will only support and promote what we like and the people that deserve it.

Inconsapevole Records is a reality in which to believe and hold on to and not some kind of entity to exploit for the sole benefit of promoting one's own band.

(To be part of the Inconsapevole Records) there are no prerequisite dictated by music genre, but we have our own tastes which are to be respected.

After several years of work and continual commitment we agreed on starting a cultural association and eventually succeeded in giving birth to an organization which avails itself of a recording studio and a booking/press agency.

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