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Infested Records is a small, but growing DIY punk rock record label operating on a not-for-profit ideaology. We are currently located in Naperville, IL, USA.

Because we are a DIY label, we do not use any kind of contracts or written agreements. We exist solely as a network of other DIY labels and bands, focusing on building connections and relationships with our bands as well as other bands and labels, to help everyone benefit and expand into what they want to become as artists and producers. Our goal is to release music as cheap as possible, with every penny earned going back into the label for bands.

At Infested Records, we appreciate any kind of support that you can offer. This can be anything from purchasing merchandise from our web store, wearing one of our or our band’s t-shirts or simply spreading some links and the word of our label around. Anything is helpful and very appreciated.

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  1. tommydealbreaker
    TommyDealBreaker11/10/2014 7:09 PM | Permalink

    I played in the wiscoholics and these dudes put out our record. Met em at infested fest which is their annual showcase! Needless to say rad dude they are.

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