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The Story of Lazy Bear

On a tiny island, far far away, there lived a creature only known to the locals as ‘Lazy Bear’. From a very early age, everyone knew he was different, he had an obsession with pop-punk music, and he couldn’t get enough of it. Lazy Bear spent his days travelling the little island looking for new artists, throughout these years he found the good, the bad and the ugly. When Lazy Bear found the good, he found the very good, only the best was good enough for Lazy Bear. Then one day it hit him, he had found all the pop-punk bands on the island and Lazy Bear knew if he wanted to continue to find more, he had to set out on a new adventure, so he packed up his camper van and began his quest to find the greatest pop-punk band that ever existed.

Lazy Bear drove his camper van to the coast, boarded a ferry and set sail on his big adventure. He didn’t know where he was going but he knew that when he arrived the hard work would begin. Lazy Bear found himself in the UK, and he knew that this is where the world’s greatest pop-punk band would be found.

Many months were spent searching for bands, satisfying his need for pop-punk. He found many artists and decided it was time to share some of his favourites with the world, so Lazy Bear Records was born. Lazy Bear brings together some of the best pop-punk bands in the UK in the form of live events and releases. He loves finding new, exciting artists that he can share with everyone.

Lazy Bear’s quest to find the world’s greatest pop-punk band continues...

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