Little Rocket Records

Little Rocket Records Bio:

Little Rocket launched amidst tragedy, frustration and a passion to ‘Do It Properly’. The Rockets wanted to go back to basics: a full service one stop point of access for artists. Distancing themselves from the modern process whereby a label starts and ends with sending music to a pressing plant, the Rockets are more invested than that; guiding, financing and supporting artists from recording the record, publicising the record, touring the record and everything else in-between.

Music was a path that the Rockets chose many decades ago and as such we could not offer anything less.

The name Little Rocket originates from within Leatherface. Leatherface's Tour Manager Chris Schaefer was an enormous character in both personality and size, earning himself the moniker "Big Rock". Eventually, due to health reasons, Big Rock was required to lose size, which lead to Graeme Rocket re-christening Big Rock as ‘Little Rocket’.

The original Little Rocket was taken from this world way before his time but now Chris Schaefer, who was buried wearing his Leatherface T-Shirt, lives on through Little Rocket Records.

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