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Longshot Music Bio:

Longshot Music is a totally independent, one man operation that started as a punk rock distro in Western Canada way back in 1994. A couple of years later, the label began with it's first release: "Urban Soldiers - A Tribute to The Oppressed", a 4 song 7" of current bands doing cover versions of the classic Welsh punk band The Oppressed! Following that were 2 more 'tribute' 7"s (one to the Cockney Rejects and one to CockSparrer) and then the label began putting out 7"s, CDs and even an LP from some of the great bands that had become friends in the early years.

And now here we are, nearly 15 years later and over 60 great releases under our belt and many more planned for the future!!

Up 'til this point, Longshot has focused it's attention on the many talented bands in Canada and strived to help promote them across Canada and throughout the world. However now that Longshot Music has spent some time in Brooklyn, NY for a few years and now we are based in San Francisco, CA, there will be some great non-Canadian talent added to the roster. Most recently bands from the USA, Australia, Spain, England, Germany and even Japan have been added to the ever-growing roster in addition to maintaining the proud support of Canada's many great bands...

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