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No Front Teeth Records Bio:

No Front Teeth is a London-based punk rock label. 100% D.I.Y., we've been putting out records for rat shits and spastics since 2001.

Bands we have/are working with:
The Cute Lepers, Modern Action, Suspect Parts, The Bodies, Dagger Dicks, The Gaggers, The Junk, The Stitches, The Tranzmitors, Shanghai Wires, The Botox Rats, The Plastic Stars, The Pegs, US Bombs, The Powerchords, Sick Fits, Soho Roses, Snazzy Boys, Boats!, Ten O Sevens,The Doggs, Something Fierce, The Spitzz, Smogtown, The Main, Final Solution, Radio One, Broken Bottles, Radio Reelers, The Bombshells, Smut Peddlers, The Briefs, The Greatest Hits, The Soda Pop Kids, Inverted Nines, Blacklist Brigade, Thee Indigents, The Ends, JFA , Black Beach Union, Discontent, Black Halos, The Ruiners, The Cliftons, Curb Slappys, The Jabbs,The Shocks, The Put-Ons and shitloads more.

If you want us to check out your shitty band and consider you for release or to get included on a comp try sending us your shit. Don't beg.

All the members of No Front Teeth play in punk rock bands including The The Disco Lepers, Shanghai Wires, Botox Rats, The Dagger Dicks, The Gaggers and Teenage Tricks.

Send infected material to: NFT / PO Box 27070 / London N2 9ZP/ UK

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    […] Blood Letters was released on July 9th via No Front Teeth Records. […]

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