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One Day Savior Records Bio:

Welcome to a revolutionary entertainment movement that takes no prisoners. Our goal is to generate exposure for talented artists from a variety of different styles of music. Passion drives our every action, because we excitedly represent bands, singer/songwriters and other acts that have perfected their craft. One Day Savior presents you with a sharp tongued, quick footed approach to music that is as much of an experience as it is a way of life. We feature artists with a definitive sound that is enriched with emotion and tied to the roots of the most powerful scenes out there. Delve into highly anticipated projects from bands that have steady promise and unlimited potential as well as seasoned artists that have struck a chord with fans from all over the world. Our reinvention has given us the opportunity to promote some of the most exciting and groundbreaking talent in the industry.

With our re-release, we hope to restore a once great empire that had made an impressive impact in the music world. We would like to reinstate our reputation of providing music fans with an access point to the progressive styles that we have become famous for by connecting them to the acts that we have chosen to build our foundation.

From the soothingly eclectic to the aggressive sounds of new metal, ODS has it all. We firmly have our fingers pressed on the pulse of the hottest bands in the music industry today and we confidently welcome you to enjoy what we have to offer.

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