Pixelhead Records

Pixelhead Records Bio:

Pixelhead Records is an independent record label based out of Chicago. Our primary focus is developing hungry new artists.

We are interested in finding and working with artists that have the want and drive to take their art to the next level.

With the downfall of the record store and the music business in a massive state of change. You ask why get in the record company business? Because people will always want new music. The internet has made opportunities for artists like never before.

Pixelhead Records has done a tremendous amount of research on Internet Promotion and our President was one of the founders of Vortex Media Group, Inc. one of the largest online communities and magazines on the internet.

Our goal is to help out as many artists, songwriters, and musicians as we can and to create an opportunities to further their careers and bring kick ass music to you, the fans!

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