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Pretty Shitty Town Records Bio:

[translated via google translate]

PST's main goal is to organize gigs with bands and artists in alternative music styles such as punk, oi! and hardcore. This DIY is at your fingertips, so artists in search of fatty gage need not apply.

Club PST is an apolitical club and therefore will not work with some extreme political ties. PST wants diversity and is looking for bands at all levels and from all parts of the country. Proposals for cooperation from such operators is welcome!

Our intention is to maintain the lowest entrèkostnader as possible.

People who show up with political symbols such as on shirts and pins, or making political statements will be rejected! This applies to both the left- and right-wing supporter! PST takes on even freedom to reject individuals who considered doing more harm than good to the event. Bands are welcome to make an inquiry and send promopaket!

P.S.T. Records is an independent company that releases music in the styles punk, oi! and hardcore. Here too, our policy not to cooperate with extreme political ties in any direction.

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