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Rebel Time Records Bio:

Rebel Time Records is dedicated to bringing you the best in socially-conscious, positive and politically charged punk rock. Rebel Time Records is about music of protest and resistance. We're about rock and rebellion. We're about having a laugh and having a say. We're about being the soundtrack to social change.

We believe that music can agitate, motivate and educate. It can mobilize and galvanize. It can get you off the sidelines and onto the frontlines.

We hope to contribute to the building and strengthening of the already existing politically-active punk rock movement. We hope to contribute to the building and strengthening of a broader network and community of like-minded bands, individuals and projects so that meaningful and message-filled music can thrive and grow.

Punk Rock can't change the world, but Punks can!

Rebel Time Records....Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times!


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