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Reptilian Records Bio:

Reptilian Records first opened it's doors on Black Friday, Nov 28th 1989 (in accordance with prophecy). After establishing local dominance, Reptilian slithered to the top to become the best punk/underground record store on the east coast- and perhaps the world!

In 1993, Reptilian took the next logical evolutionary step and began releasing records. Starting with local bands and then searching out both unheard and established bands nationwide, Reptilian has released a diverse catalog including the sounds of The Exploder, Buzzov*en, The Dwarves, Blank, Pageninetynine, Chapstik, The Supersuckers, The Upper Crust, Lubricated Goat, Cutthroats 9, The Means, Mastodon, Flowers in the Attic, Swarm of the Lotus, Pig Destroyer, Fishnet Stalkers, Easy Action, Midiron Blast Shaft, The Golden Showers, Dactyl, Gunna Vahm, Iron Boss, Thrall, The Spitters, Heroine Sheiks, Triac, The Goons, Action Swingers, Electric Frankenstein, HATEBEAK - and many more!

In 2005, Reptilian evolved yet again, and Scapegoat Publishing was unleashed upon an unsuspecting (and apparently illiterate) world! So far Scapegoat can be blamed for mind-bending art collections by Carlos Batts (American Gothic), Stephen Kasner (Works 1993-2006), photographer Stephanie Crabe (Motel Bizzare), and the various artists collection CARNIVORA, naughty novels by John Gilmore (Crazy Streak) and Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves (Nina), along with the important non-fiction works of Jim Goad (Answer Me!), Jack Malebranche (Androphilia) and Peter Gilmore (The Satanic Scriptures).

Reptilian Records has shed it's skin, closing the local Baltimore shop and spreading worldwide via the wacky interwebs!

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