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… was founded by Jule Axmann and Juergen Schattner in 1996, classic D.I.Y. style cause they couldn’t find a label for their own band Attention!Rookie back then. What started as a temporary solution grew in popularity and turned into a sleeper for friends and acquaintances. According to the situation releases of the Walter Elf follow up band Kick Joneses (Juergen’s other band), Spermbirds (the Walter Elf alter ego), Turbostaat, Terrorgruppe, The Jones and Stokoe (both feat. Dickie Hammond/Leatherface) were next.
From 1999-2005 Rookie Records found a home in Freiburg at Flight13 Records, as a sublabel but completely under Juergen’s management. At the beginning of 2006 the label program was upgraded by starting a close cooperation with Boss Tuneage UK. Re-issues of classic punk/hardcore records like Heresy, Ripcord, Dan or Sofahead turned up alongside new stuff like John Kastner (Doughboys, All Systems Go!), Varsity Drag (feat. Ben Deily/Lemonheads) and Bonesaw Romance (feat. Scott Reynolds/All, Pavers).
Since may 2006 Juergen and Rookie Records are living in Cologne.

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