Selfmadegod Records

Selfmadegod Records Bio:

Since 2000 Selfmadegod Records has consistently become one of the underground’s most promising, forward-looking, independent record label. Delivering quality releases from an array of artists that span the genres of grindcore, hardcore, metal, experimental or punk, Poland-based company has steadily increased throughout last years, gaining a worldwide reputation for quality music. Every year the label continues to push the boundaries of extreme music as a whole, never stuck in a groove, always striving for what’s original and diverse, hunting down bands that stand for individuality, doing the music off their own bat. Managed by die-hard underground forward thinker Karol, Selfmadegod Records is a label created with the aim to support and build the independent music scene by respecting the underground legacy for old times’ sake, and yet trying to keep up with all new ways of expression. Over the years, Selfmadegod Records has become an equivalent of open-mindedness and quality, and not focusing on particular style, they always manage to stick out. Kicking-off at the crack of a new millennium, this company keeps on surprising fans and introducing them to its growing roster which teems with bands an extreme music follower cannot afford to miss. With the best of all genres to the ultimate musical fulfillment.

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