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SideOneDummy Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label whose roster focuses mostly on punk and related genres. Founded in 1995 by Joe Sib and Bill Armstrong, who continue to run it today, the label has built a reputation for its diverse roster of artists ranging from third wave ska to Celtic punk.


  1. Meat Wave stream new song “Bad Man” off upcoming album “The Incessant” - PUNX.UK2/3/2017 10:06 PM | Permalink

    […] The Incessant is set to be released on February 17th via SideOneDummy Records. […]

  2. The Smith Street Band announce new album, release music video for new song – “Birthdays” - PUNX.UK2/17/2017 8:14 PM | Permalink

    […] Of You Than You Are Of Me. That’s due out April 7th on Pool House/Remote Control Records (Aus), SideOneDummy Records (North America), Specialist Subject Records (UK), and Uncle M (EU). It’s up for pre-order now […]

  3. Rozwell Kid premiere lyric video for “UHF on DVD” - PUNX.UK4/25/2017 6:55 PM | Permalink

    […] “UHF on DVD” comes from the bands’ upcoming album, Precious Art, which is set to be released on June 23rd via SideOneDummy. […]

  4. Jeff Rosenstock (solo/punk) releases one-off single “Dramamine” - PUNX.UK4/27/2017 9:47 PM | Permalink

    […] Jeff Rosenstock has blessed us. Seriously. “Dramamine” is a killer track that I’ve listened to no less than a dozen times by now. It will be in my head for days. Solo projects catch a lot of flack, but Mr. Jeff clearly has the formula down and knows his way around song structure. If this song hooks you, check out last year’s album WORRY, out via SideOneDummy. […]

  5. Jeff Rosenstock announces summer tour - PUNX.UK5/3/2017 2:41 AM | Permalink

    […] debut album, Worry (via SideOneDummy) is a follow up to the 2015 release of album, We […]

  6. Pkew Pkew Pkew (punk, Canada) release video for “Before we go out drinking” - PUNX.UK6/26/2017 6:53 PM | Permalink

    […] coincide with their announcement that they will join the SideOneDummy family, Canadian punk rockers Pkew Pkew Pkew have released a video for “Before We Go Out […]

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