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Stickshift Recordings is a DIY feminist record label based in Burlington, VT. We only work with artists who are feminist, pro-queer, anti-racist, and anti-cissexist. Our goal is to work with bands who believe in a more equitable world. We believe that if music and art is infused with anti-oppression sentiments, we can shift the foundations of our culture.

We're very small. Small to the point that using “we” is a bit of a stretch. Kelly runs the totality of business for the label. If you're working with Stickshift Recordings, you're working with Kelly. The only other person who does any label stuff is Alyssa – she makes most of the art for the label (including our logo), but sometimes Kelly will help with that, too.

Our primary focus is on our immediate community. As a brand new label, we are hoping to impact Vermont music. We prioritize bands from Vermont that have women on instruments in their membership. This is our way of trying to incite change in a male-dominated punk scene.

We are not accepting unsolicited demos at this time. Once we grow a bit we might start doing that.

We used to be called Stick Shift Records, but we were asked to change our name by another label who had that name before us.

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