SwitchBitch Records

SwitchBitch Records Bio:

A boutique label based out of NYC and Boston...why both you ask? Oh, well to get shit done of course. We find artists that are weird yet appealing. They join our loving family consisting of the born rich, the born famous and the born dead and by association become rich, famous and dead themselves. There are no rules here...NOOOO rules. It's like neverland ranch minus the child molesting but plus some physical abuse nbd. We do everything from recording our bands in our in house full pro-tools hd studio to producing, mixing, mastering and printing their record, as well as graphic design, web design, publicity, marketing, managing, booking, publishing...basically you name it and it gets done. Kind of like magic, but only not because we actually have to do the work. Check it out, send us music, stop by for coffee...whatever...no rules remember?

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