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Tiny Engines Bio:

Tiny Engines is a record label…or at least it’s trying really hard to be one. Like all things punk rock, it’s an evolution of ideas and gathering of like-minded people who dig totally sweet music, a tight-knit community of friends and strong, independent DIY ethics.

You’ve probably heard this tune many times before, but all we’re really looking to do is expose some amazing bands that we love to a wider audience. If in the process we can release a few choice slabs of vinyl in super-rad packaging, well then I think we’ve accomplished everything we set out to do. Let’s face it – we’re not going to change the world, but we can sure as hell make it sound a little gnarlier.

We are Jeff, Will and Chuck. Between the three of us there’s probably close to 20 combined years of indie rock experience. That number might be a tad off, but during the past decade, we’ve all spent time living exclusively off of punk music in some form or another, whether it’s playing in bands, booking tours, working at labels and magazines, maintaining a music blog or running a publicity firm. That may mean nothing to you but we’re kinda proud of our accomplishments. We’re not a trio of punk rock revolutionaries by any means, but we’re not a bunch of chumps with trust funds either. Hopefully that shines through with Tiny Engines.


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    […] Philadelphia’s noise punk act Mannequin Pussy dropped a new video for its track ‘Pledge’. The song is taken from the band’s 2016 full length release ‘Romantic’, which came out through Tiny Engines. […]

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