Universal Warning Records

Universal Warning Records Bio:

Universal Warning Records started as a concept in early 2000, among 3 Kutztown University students while recording a follow up record for their punk alternative band, The Covert Agency. Tim Martinkovitch came up with the concept of starting a label because of the strong bond he felt among his band mates. Knowing that graduation was surly to split the members up for good, and that The Covert Agency had not quite met critical mass in the indie / punk / hardcore community in the east coast tri-state area - Martinkovitch took a proactive turn and decided to put their love for independent music and their diverse talents and relationships to work. With the blessing from both bass player Mike Varga and drummer Clint Weiler, Martinkovitch was granted full use to the bands funds to develop the concept, which was ultimately intended to be a foundation that the three would use to maintain personal relationships and to help further their musical endeavors.

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