Vicious Mistress Records

Vicious Mistress Records Bio:

Vicious Mistress Records is a small DIY punk label based out of Connecticut.

Our goal is to help bands get heard and get recognized! We are here to give bands a voice. A lot of bands get ignored because people want to promote the next main stream bullshit. We want to keep it real, keep it punk and keep the scene alive.


  1. Free Compilation: “Punk In The Streets Vol. 2″ | Wrecking CrueWrecking Crue2/2/2014 2:11 AM | Permalink

    […] Vicious Mistress Records has released the second volume of their “Punk in the Streets” compilation series.  The album […]

  2. Vicious Mistress Records streaming new compilation ‘Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol. 1’ - PUNX.UK3/5/2017 1:56 AM | Permalink

    […] Vicious Mistress Records, based out of Connecticut are now streaming a new compilation called ‘Skunx! When Ska and Punk Collide Vol. 1’. The title sums up exactly what the comp brings to the table. […]

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