Violated Records

Violated Records Bio:

Violated Records is an independent Punk and Oi! based record label based in Philadelphia. It was started by punks for punks, as an outlet for the many talented bands from all over the world that we felt needed to be heard. By providing this platform for these bands, we stand behind all our releases and will assure you we will continue to provide you with some of the best Punk and Oi! the world has to offer.

As the decline of record and cd sales have crippled many labels and with the lack of quality pure punk labels in today’s generation, Violated Records is committed to offering a true taste of the punk rock subculture to its listeners in the form of vinyl, cds and digital downloads.

We have vowed to release only the music that we feel is absolutely vital and necessary, and reflects an accurate representation of the punk underground, whether it be from initial punk movement in 1976 to the current movement of today.

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