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White Russian Records Bio:

White Russian Records started in 2005, when releasing the Spastik Spankers album. Some compilations followed, named Change The Station, and eventually an EP of Discourse Avenue. The band broke up shortly after the release, and one of the two founding members of White Russian decided to quit.

Fast forward from 2008 to 2011.
Roelof started White Russian Bookings, and Eelco heard the new record of Long Way Down. One and one makes two, and White Russian started off again.

We are not the traditional label. We don’t even want to be. We are just a group of people that know a few things about things bands have to deal with. Not because we’re so smart, but because we’ve been through it ourselves. Many times.

We can help you out getting shows. We can release your album. Physical or digital. We can give you some good advise on saving on costs when pressings cd’s. We can get you in touch with designers and merch companies that are good, reliable and affordable.
See us as an extra member of your band. The one that has already looked into everything.


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