Wrecked Hooligan Records

Wrecked Hooligan Records Bio:

Wrecked Hooligan Records is an Indie Punk Rock Label based in South Bend, IN. We are taking a page from the many great indie punk labels before us, and approaching music with a DIY attitude. We currently have 2 releases lining up for the Spring of 2012, and will hopefully be taking on more bands in the Future.

"No Coast, No Problem Vol. 1" Details: This comp will focus primarily on midwest bands. We're just starting, and we're from the midwest. It only seems fitting that we push bands in the states around us. Our goal first and foremost is to help other bands that want to be heard & gig in other states make connections through our comp. Our 2nd goal is to use any profits we personally make on this comp to put out records for other bands in the area. Each band that we represent will be working hard with us to push themselves and the other bands. We're asking that each band who wishes to be on the comp, pay a $50 submission fee and this will get you 25 copies of the CD which you will be able to sell at your shows for between $5 & $10. Bands please contact us! We're looking for anything from Street Punk, Oi!, Pop Punk to Hardcore.

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