10 Things you probably didn’t know about Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake has basically ruled the ska-punk world for the last 20+ years and with their latest release, “See The Light”, they show no signs of giving up their reign.  We’re sure you’re already familiar with the band but we’re also sure there are some tasty nuggets of LTJ trivia you’re not quite yet privy to.  Check out 10 things you probably didn’t know about Less Than Jake below.

1. Before the formation of Less Than Jake, vocalist and guitarist Chris Demakes, drummer Vinnie Fiorello and bassist Shaun Grief started a local band named Good Grief while attending high school in Port Charlotte, Florida.

2. Prior to adding a horn section, LTJ started as a trio focusing on straight punk rock.

3. The title of one of their earlier albums Pezcore stems from Roger and Vinnie’s unexplained fondness for Pez Candy, which is clearly apparent in their reportedly sizable Pez dispenser collections. To continue the trend, Pez dispenser motifs have been a common fixture of LTJ’s merchandise.

4. The album Hello Rockview is a huge staple of the LTJ discography. So much so that with it the band spawned a minor college radio hit with the single History of a Boring Town, which also reached number 39 on the billboard modern rock tracks.

5. Drummer Vinnie owns a toy company called Wunderland War, originally Monkey Vs. Robot. Vinnie has also started a second toy company named Symptoms and many of their toys have been featured in art books and shows.

6. In 2008, the band founded its own label called Sleep It Off records, through which they released their seventh full-length GNV FLA, as well as a few EPs.

7. According to the band, the LTJ discography includes over 100 releases including everything from full lengths, live albums, cover albums, 7”s and soundtrack appearances.

8. One of the bands more commercially successful releases Anthem, which was released on Warner Bros./Sire Records, debuted at number 45 on the billboard 200 and featured three major singles in both the US and the UK.

9. Bassist Roger Mangenelli is a super talented musician. In addition to singing, he plays bass guitar for LTJ, guitar for Rehasher and occasionally plays drums for Greenhorn. For Rehasher’s second album High Speed Access to my Brain, he was also responsible for the tracking of all guitar and bass parts.

10. LTJ saxophonist JR Wasilewski’s real name is Pete Wasilewski. The nickname JR, which stands for ‘Peter Junior’, was invented during a two year period in which there were two Peters in the band. Although the original Peter, Pete Anna, left the band in 2001, the name JR has still stuck till this day.

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