Aaron Gillespie speaks out about his decision to leave Underoath

underoathYesterday Metalcore act Underoath announced that they were parting ways with drummer & clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie.  Reasons for his actual departure were pretty vague and today Aaron made the following statement on his own:

“guess there are still rumors, in internet land there are always rumors, maybe i helped create that machine. I feel like alot of you need exact closure about the whole me leaving uo thing. Fast forward- all the rad dudes you know and love joined this band and we made music together, and i Believe with my all that God used it (and still does and will) to touch alot of people. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this, it has been triple what i ever imagined or thought could happen,and some of the most fun times of my life. Truth be told, things change, people change, lives rearrange. My time here in this band is up. I love it, the people the traveling. It is just time for me to go. I will still be doing the almost, still giving drum lessons, still hanging with you when I was fourteen i was asked to join a band called’ “underoath” this was long before any of the members you know now were here. We began as a sort of progressive-metalish type band. I just knew i was young and had an incredible opportunity to play as fast as i could, which was super fun.”

Underoath’s last record Lost In The Sound Of Separation was released in September of 2009 on Tooth & Nail Records.

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  • This explains nothing about why he left…

  • it does. quite frankly, Aaron said : “my time in this band is up”. there doesnt have to be a fight between them or family problems or somehting. He just believes that God wants him to do something different now. noone stays in the same place forever. nothing is permanent. i know it’s sad to see him leave, but we have to realise that christian music isnt only about us, it’s first and foremost for God so watever He says goes. we come second. i dont think Aaron wanted to leave by his own will; he’s just being obedient.

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