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The world has always generally assumed that Canada was the “nice neighbor”. When you got down or everything seemed to be going wrong, they would always be there to pick you up and encourage you with a warm hug and maybe a comment or two such as, “Maybe it’s for the best!” or “Always look on the bright side”. Sadly, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth and you know what they say about assuming. Don’t get me wrong, we are generally all a happy and fun-loving bunch but when things start taking a turn for the worst and nobody is going to do anything about it, thankfully we have a legendary group of rabble-rousers poised to make things right… their way.

I give to you, D.O.A, Canada’s 30-years and runnin’ punk rock legends with a cause. Fully-loaded with an arsenal of activism, music and wit; the media-dubbed “originators of hardcore” have had the citizens of this fine country running rampant thru the streets shouting their protest cries long before many of us were even born. With their longest (and founding) member, Joey “Shithead” Keithley proudly leading the brigade, there is no doubt in my mind that their thirteenth album, “Talk-Action=0” is going to hit the streets with a bang.

Before I even had the chance to sit down with a relaxing cup of soothing orange pekoe tea and play the new album ever so gently in the background, I was notified of a recent event involving the band and their tour. Apparently, while playing a show in Zurich, Switzerland the show was greeted with helicopters and over a thousand riot police with water cannons. An organized and angry crew who were ready to take down the enemy by any means necessary. With their wagons circled, they unleashed hell on every single fan trying to leave (or in this case, escape their impending assault). Rightfully so though, these rabid fans were guilty…guilty of enjoying a punk rock show. How dare them! Needless to say, it’s situations like this that will have you understanding the entire D.O.A catalog in no time. The unexplainable and unjust abuses we face everyday need to be fought in some way, shape or form and thankfully we have a band willing to help us voice our concerns world-wide.

As I was mentioning before, I was just testing the temperature of the water in my bubble-bath with my pinkie toe when I finally got to hear the newest album by D.O.A. Unsure what to expect, I hit play and what hit my eardrums felt like the crack of a crooked cop’s baton. The first track off of this album, “That’s Why I’m An Atheist” is D.O.A in their truest form. Quick, fast, straight to the mind punk rock delivered in true Shithead gruff-voiced fashion. Very reminiscent of their earlier work with it’s’ guitar solos, strong lyrics and to the point delivery. As the album progressed you could almost take a walk with the band through their career. Head bobbing, toe-tapping songs such as “The Rebel Kind” and “Don’t Bank on a Bank” highlight the heart and passion D.O.A. have for making a positive change in the way our world works and they do it in the most entertaining fashion possible. Rest assured, we are treated to a few cover songs yet again but this time (in my opinion) they knocked it out of the park with fellow pace-maker Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin”. On top of that, you’re also treated to a little rendition of the timeless Dean Martin classic, “That’s Amore”. Proof positive of the wit and humor this band can tie in to their cause all the while playing amazing music.

Backed by Floor Tom Jones and Dirty Dan Sedan, another classic D.O.A track is revealed with, “They Hate Punk Rock”. As I listen to it, I am reminded of why I am so proud to say I share the same home as this band and how much I do in fact love D.O.A. As the album (sadly only ten tracks) rolls along with the reality-biting battle hymns, “I Live in a Car”, “The RCMP” and “Consume! Consume!” I start to wish I had made a stronger impact trying to change the wrongs I saw day-to-day. Maybe now is the time? I am sure if you were to ask D.O.A they would whole heartedly agree.

Fans of great music, I am proud to present to you Canada’s greatest export, D.O.A. If you don’t like them, I am afraid you are going to have to learn to because my friend no matter how hard you try, they will never go away! Blame Canada and God Bless D.O.A.

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  1. adriel
    adriel4/8/2011 6:32 PM | Permalink

    I love DOA and there are a few good songs on this, but Joey is running out of ideas

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