Album Review: Night Birds – “Born to Die in Suburbia”

Who would’ve guessed that when former members of pop punk acts such as The Ergs!, For Science, and Hunchback got together to form a new band that the resulting product would not be another pop punk band, but instead a band playing in the vein of old school punk rock without sounding dated? And yet, now here we are just four short years later and that very band is now one of the most celebrated surf-punk acts of the century. [Author’s Note: I may be using some slight hyperbole] That band is, of course, Night Birds! Hot off the heels of their Maimed for the Masses EP, the band is unleashing their second full length album, Born to Die in Suburbia, unto the world.

For the most part, Born to Die in Suburbia is another addition to Night Birds’ already stellar discography. From the speedy punk rock of tracks like “Born to Die in Suburbia”, “Modern Morons” and “New Cults”, to the surfy instrumentals of “Escape from NY” and “Silver Alert”, the band continues to live up to the high standards set by themselves on their previous releases. Fans aren’t likely to be disappointed, particularly if they’re jonesing for more Dead Kennedys-meets-Agent Orange-meets-Adolescents-meets-Misfits hybrid tunes.

With that in mind, “Nazi Gold” and “Less The Merrier” deviate from the usual Night Birds formula. Much like many hardcore bands before them, Night Birds take the time with these two songs to explore slower territories- experimenting with grinding tempos and applying their Adolescents-harmonies in new ways. Frankly, it’s not quite as enthralling as when the band blasts through four songs with barely any time to realize that one song ended and another has begun, but it’s also good to see that the band is beginning to expand upon their sound. Plus the world could always use more anti-Christmas songs.

Born to Die in Suburbia doesn’t add a whole lot of variety to the Night Birds discography, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not just as every bit as exciting as Killer Waves or The Other Side of Darkness. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it- right?

Night Birds!

4.5/5 Stars

RIYL: AdolescentsAgent OrangeThe Spits

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