Album Review: Nowhere – “Cancer”

Cancer is a pretty strong word. It personifies decay from the inside out, and most people will suffer from it, either directly or through a loved one. Which means for most people, it’s a very real thing. I feel like the fact that Dunedin, New Zealand’s Nowhere decided to Title their 10 song release “Cancer” made it clear out of the gate that they wanted to tackle tough topics and cause people to take hard looks at things.

Results were mixed. With a storytelling style of lyric reminiscent of Frank Turner and a delivery that sounds like the Hives on a cloudy day after drinking too much whiskey, the stage is certainly set. Dischordant music set to personally post-apocalyptic lyrics such as “Oh, we’re gutter lovers/In this piss stink darkness/With backs against the wall/Finally something to lean on” paint pictures. The problem is it’s somewhat of a Walmart quality landscape painting when what I want out of my dark, brooding art is more Picasso. It’s not that I think there’s no potential here, because there is. A lot.

With all that said, down to the nuts and bolts. Guitarist/vocalist Friedrich and drummer Rufio’s old school punk meets folksy style driving rhythm punctuate the best parts of this release in a potent, angrily catchy way. High points for me are “Ghost Slave” and “Funeral Attendance Low”. All in all this is a decent release from a promising band that I feel has a better one in them still.

2.5/5 stars

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