Album Review: Revolution Mother – “Rollin’ With Tha Mutha”

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revolutionmother_rollinA promise was made and promises aren’t meant to be broken… Unless the seal is broken by the almighty sounds of music! Ripped and torn to pieces by the pure essence of punk rock influence with heavy metal impacted to hold it altogether. Revolution Mother follow up to their debut efforts that couldn’t hold it together have returned with none other than ‘Rollin’ with tha Mutha’, a series of 11-tracks of blistering hotness with killer guitar riffs and out-standing drum tactics you’ll be head banging too all summer long. But that’s not all you get a handful of lyrics to sing right along too through each and every song that plays through delivering a brand spanking summer of catchy upbeat anthems to boil you all over.

When it comes down to the music engraved upon this album you get tossed with a handful of tunes you wouldn’t know where to begin. How about “Killin’ Machine,” a tune that gets your energy pumping with excitement. Whereas “Born To Rock N Roll,” simply points out the main objective to rock out! Getting your blood pumping faster and faster you’ll fall over flat not knowing what just occurred. “Ride The Sky,” is featured in the current summer flick known as “The Hangover” and its made its musical skills far and wide grasping the attention span of everyone who witnesses it. They are instantly drawn inward to the music and let’s it take them completely over. Those being set aside from the other tracks included on this album you get a handful of tunes you’ll enjoy no matter which track you choice.

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