Album review: The Ignored- “Act Like You Care”

Punk rock has always always tended to be the musical vessel of the oppressed and the pissed off, and by the sound of “Act Like You Care,” the latest release from Belgium’s The Ignored, this band appears to be both. Blending the speed and melody of punk rock with the fury of hardcore, The Ignored is a band that has a lot to say and they’re determined to get their message across one listener at a time.

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, I wonder if you can still judge an album by its artwork.  “Act Like You Care” depicts U2 frontman Bono, taking a global sized crap on the planet. It’s kinda funny but it also tells me The Ignored certainly aren’t concerned about pissing people off – after all, anger is a more productive emotion than apathy. At least anger can provoke action and some thought.

That’s exactly what “Act Like You Care” provokes – thought. Each track is a scathing social commentary, hoping that people will finally stand up to all of the Bonos who are dumping all over the world and fight back. Taking on issues such as social politics, family politics, and even vegetarianism, The Ignored hold nothing back on “Act Like You Care.”

The album contains a nice balance between the screamy tendencies of hardcore with the speed and melody of punk rock. The guitar work is blistering, and the rhythm section proves that this is a band that has learned the craft of punk rock and hardcore, showing that punk rock isn’t always just about three chords.

While the music on “Act Like You Care” might not be groundbreaking (they’re not the first band to combine punk rock, melodic hardcore, and politics) The Ignored do a great job of creating a sense of urgency on tracks like “Confessions of a Carnivore” and “More Than Unity,” but they can also make the songs catchy as hell.

The Ignored aren’t screaming for thirty minutes about ex-girlfriends. These are the words that matter, the words that could inspire countless people to take a stand against a corrupted world.  So if you’re sick of hearing bands whining about exes and the trials of being a heart brokend teenager, then maybe its time to take a look at a band that will make you think about the bigger picture – and who will rock your socks off at the same time.

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