Album Review: Wringer – “Bullfighter”

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So many bands these days don’t live up to the hype. I hear or read a name everywhere, but when I finally get around to listening to the record I end up being disappointed . However, very occasionally I come across a record that doesn’t have a tenth of the hype it deserves. Bullfighter is one of these records.

This is pop punk the way it’s SUPPOSED to be done — solid songwriting, excellent harmonies throughout, and good lyrics. They keep it light without getting goofy, and melodic and energetic without every song sounding the same. Think off all the best parts of the early 90’s Lookout! catalogue blended up together with Bracket and you have a good idea what this sounds like. They aren’t pushing any boundaries, but fuckit, neither is any other punk band these days.  What they do, they do very well. This record keeps finding its way onto my playlists, one of maybe two or three from 2013 that have that distinction.

I was lucky enough to catch their set at Fest 12, in front of a packed crowd that they clearly didn’t expect. They should get used to seeing a lot more of that when this record starts getting the attention it deserves.

There may be one other person besides me at DS who dislikes pretty much everything, and that is Dave Buck. I’m told by reliable sources that he did not dislike this record, which makes it probably the first record he and I both don’t dislike. If that’s not a rock-solid recommendation, I don’t know what is.

Go pick this gem up for FREE! over at their bandcamp page, and make sure it winds up on your best records of 2013 list too.

4.5/5 Stars

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