Album Review: Youthinasia – “Premature Erockulation”

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youthinasia-premature-erockulationYouthinasia is a 4 piece skate punk band out of Ontario, Canada but don’t let that fool you.  These guys are f’ing amazing.  If NOFX, Sublime and old school Blink 182 had a baby Youthinasia would be their love child.

“Premature Erockulation” is the band’s first full length album.  It was released on their own label Dick Rawk Records, so maybe not too surprising most of us in the states haven’t heard of them.  Yet.  As you might have guessed from the album’s title these guys tend to skew lyrically towards the humorous and/or raunchy though they do have a few sincere, more serious tracks.  Regardless of where their songs range topicly the musicianship is nothing to laugh at.  Literally EVERY song on this album is good.  I’d even say about half of them are REALLY good.  Each song has it’s own flavor, ranging from straight up melodic skate punk to a couple ska/reggae influenced tracks, with even a splash of hardcore here and there.  These guys can play their instruments, write good songs, and the lead singer’s vocals sound pretty legit too.

Best Songs: “Jimmy Beaner”, “The Deadline”, “Mr. Blisters”

**I’m giving this band 5 out of 5 stars because I never skip a single track when I listen to this album and every song is unique enough to completely stand out from the rest without losing the band’s identity as a straight up punk rock outfit.  I absolutely can’t wait to see what comes next for these guys.


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    Great album!

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    This album is epic! I can’t stop listening to it and can’t belive every single song on it is something I am looking forward to. They are similar to Sum41 and Blink 182 but better in many aspects. I can’t believe they haven’t made it to mainstream popularity as yet.

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