Atreyu premiere “Gallows” from upcoming album – if you can beat their stupid ass video game, which is f’ing impossible

atreyu-congregation-of-the-damnedAtreyu have decided to “premiere” the track Gallows off their upcoming album Congregation Of The Damned via a shoot-em-up computer game called Metalhead Zombies.  To hear the song all you have to do is get to level 6 by running around shooting zombies – kill enough of them and you progress to the next level.  Seems simple enough, and I’ve enjoyed the two tracks they’ve already released enough to give it a go.  30 minutes later I still have not progressed past level 2 and I’m about to throw my computer out the window.  Either I’m not nearly as good at computer games as I was when I was 12 or this game is f’ing impossible!

I’m gonna go order a pizza.  Somebody else try it and tell me how the song is…

Congregation Of The Damned hits stores next week on October 27th.

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