Bad Religion explain why they released a Christmas album

Bad Religion members Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz were recently interviewed on NPR Music, where they talked about their latest album Christmas Songs. Asked how they came up with the idea of releasing a Christmas album, Brett replied:

“When we come to put together a collection of songs like this, we first would ask each other is this really the kind of song that would lend itself to our sound? And so I think that the ones that we ended up choosing were the ones with some of the more minor melodies…”

Graffin added, “Because we enjoy putting harmonies on punk songs. These songs also went itself to great harmonies and great arrangements. And so, maybe this is ingrained in my upbringing because I was in school choirs ever since I was in third grade.”

Christmas Songs was released October 29th via Epitaph Records. Bad Religion recently announced plans to begin work on a new album next year. The album will be the follow-up to True North, which was also released this year.

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