Album Review: Creative Adult – “Psychic Mess”

Shifting in between grunge spasms and a rough-around-the-edge 80s punk tempo is something Creative Adult have a knack for doing, and doing pretty well. They spearhead this tonal shift probably better than most other bands out there and their style of old-school, retro-sounding tracks does manage to come off with a pulverizing reflection as to why The Clash, The Ramones and so many more of the old-guard still live on today.

There’s a jagged and jilting feedback to the vocals but it’s a well-worn feel. The hardcore atmosphere and 80s punk show up prominently on “Control My Eyes” and “Flash” with hazy yet cutting guitars, pounding drums and a spacial ambiance that allow them to freely dance in and out of genres. They swim musical pools neatly while traversing their own sound quite well and such musical exploration, while not innovative, does make for a telling album.

“Deep End” is a calmer yet similarly strong effort which feels more familiar to their 2013 material. Shades of Minor Threat emerge with nods to progressive and experimental rock coming out their shell as well. Neat start-stops are employed on the guitars which switch up sweetly from rough, dirty hooks to grimy chords to add a discord to their sound, which really slip nicely into your ear.

By the time “Haunt” ends proceedings with a nice post-hardcore crescendo, you appreciate the band for what it is. A band that tries something different without really trying that hard. You can’t ask for more and definitely, the horizon looks bright for Creative Adult.

3.5/5 Stars

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