D.J. Bonebrake on the possibility of new X album

In a recent interview, X drummer D.J. Bonebrake said that there is a possibility the iconic L.A. punk band will put out a new album, but not anytime soon. He explains:

“You never know. There’s always a possibility we’ll put out some new material, but it’s not going to be soon. We’ve talked about working on new stuff, but to actually make it happen is more difficult.”

X’s last album containing new material, Hey Zeus!, was released in 1993 on Big Life Records.

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  1. dinknut
    dinknut9/4/2014 7:07 PM | Permalink

    Exene is a total right-wing nutjob .

    She moved to Texas because ” California is full of fags and liberals . “

  2. superanncoulterfanclub

    Have you listened to X ever? Their political songs are swipes at the political right. Exene said that she wanted to move to Texas because the cost of living in SoCal is too high. I don’t blame her.

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