Album Review: Dads – “I’ll Be The Tornado”

Remember Pretty Good? That’s where Dads jammed four tracks of indie-heavy, math-ridden, emo-punk into your nervous system. That’s where they reminded you to keep them as a mile-marker for life’s ups and more so, its downs. I’ll Be The Tornado is the perfect sequel to this as it matches Pretty Good stride for stride and further envelopes you in John Bradley’s tragedies. In terms of DIY indie, Dads bring it again. In spades. This is a powerful album that’ll move you in the most melodic of manners.

If you’re looking for more punk-tastic hits then Dads can service you. And they do. “Sunburnt Jet Wings” and “You Hold Back”. Scott Scharinger’s quick hands on the guitar build such an elaborate portrait for Bradley’s massive drums to lay on. They complement each other so well. Bradley’s agony then follows with his words feeling like barbs stuck in with no chance of ever being removed. Now, if you think their quicker pace is what sets them apart, you’re dead wrong.

It’s when they slow things down and temper to the more emo-melodic side of things.”But” is one of these tunes. So too is “Fake Knees”. Both are ballads (well, the majority of the tracks, at least) that end with huge climaxes allowing Scharinger to cut loose. Bradley as well. This balance…this effect…is the prime sound where they shine. This is their A-game. Quiet lulls to noisy ambiances. The genuine feel of the lyrics and the amazing quality of the production highlight this…and if you think I’m kidding, jump into Pretty Good and then into this record. This is the album that’ll win you over and if it doesn’t put these awesome dudes on the map, then I don’t know what will. It’s heavy content on the lyrical side but it’s also the ideal tapestry for emotional connection to a brilliant indie-emo-punk aesthetic.

4.5/5 Stars

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