David McWane out of surgery, no more cancer(!!!)

Sorry, hard to not be happy about this one. David McWane (Big D & The Kids Table) is out of surgery and kicked cancer right in the ass. Here’s the band’s statement:

“*THIS JUST IN!* – Brie Finn, our Dolly on the Scene down there, has reported that Dave is OUT of surgery, did “terrific” (even though he was sleeping), and that the operation could not have gone smoother, and that the cancer is GONE!!!

Yeah, yeah, the cancer musta’ left to join a Scream-o Emo band! DAH!!!

But honestly, thanks everyone for your support, showin the love, and we’ll keep you all in the know of what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening…



Great news out of Boston! We continue to wish Dave the very best.

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