DS Photo Gallery: La Plebe, Phenomenauts, Dirty Hand Family Band, The Bruises at Slim’s. San Francisco, CA (2/23/13)

I don’t think I will ever get tired of going to shows. It’s one of the best moments when you’re surrounded by people all gathered for the same goal, listening to some kick-ass music.

I especially enjoy when the opening bands don’t suck.

Such was the case for last weekend’s show at Slim’s in San Francisco. All four bands hail from San Francisco, and all four really brought it, rockin’ the stage and getting the crowds moving.

First to play was The Bruises, a female-fronted indie/pop-punk band. You can check out their most album, “Never Be The Same”, here, and shots from their live set here.

Moving on was a band I had never heard of before, but has now become a new favorite, The Dirty Hand Family Band. Thoughts reminiscent of Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band come to mind, as the band shares in the love of high-energy folk. The band most recently released their album, “Get In”, in 2011. Check out some shots from their set here.

Finally the moment arrived for the band I came to see, La Plebe. There are few bands that get me to put the camera down and head back into the pit like a younger version of myself, and La Plebe is one of those bands. It’s like a little fairy tale…”from the moment I first saw them, I fell in love.” But it’s true, their brand of ‘cantina punk’ is unique and reverberates through your mind for hours, even days, after listening. Check out shots from their live set here, and stay tuned for an important update from La Plebe.

I had never really gotten into The Phenomenauts, and I can’t say I know why. But their set last week did a lot to dissuade me from my nay-saying. Their style of punk is ‘out there’, but they really showcase a huge array of talent on stage. One thing is for certain – you can never say you didn’t have fun at a Phenomenauts show. Check out shots from their set here.

The night came to a close as all of the other bands joined The Phenomenauts on stage to bid farewell to the sweaty and danced-out crowd. Another successful punk show coming to a close.

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