DS Photo Gallery: Mrs. Skannotto and The Toasters at Thee Parkside. San Francisco – February 9, 2013

Have you ever just stood still at a ska show? I know it’s incredibly hard to do, but if you can muster it, I suggest you try.

There’s this feeling that comes over you as the floors are bouncing to the beat, and you pan across the crowd and every single face is smiling.

There’s a positivism and unity of good vibes that comes along with a ska show, and I felt it all two weeks ago as I saw both Mrs. Skannotto and The Toasters for the very first time.

The night opened with jams from local Bay Area ska band Monkey, and was followed by Rochester, NY ska band Mrs. Skannotto. The Toasters brought the night to a close with their famous, “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down”, as I was left sweaty, drunk, and staggering to the bus; another successful show.

Check out some images I grabbed of Mrs. Skannotto’s and The Toasters’ sets right here and here, respectively.

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