DS Staff Picks: Top 10 Albums of 2013 (Hayley)

Hey look everyone, I made a list. You’ll either like or completely hate it. Check it out below.

10. Worlds Scariest Police Chases – NOFX and out come the wolves dookie

I still can’t tell if Worlds Scariest Police Chases are serious or just a bunch of trolls. But if I’m actively listening then their job is done. Also any band who uses the words “homemade crystal meth lab” as an actual lyric deserves at least some spot.




9. Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence

I’m a huge sucker for (some) pop punk, as well as any band with male/female vocals. So it wasn’t really a surprise when Mixtapes got on my radar and infiltrated my Itunes “most listened to” playlist. “Ordinary Silence” starts off with what is probably one of my favorite 2013 songs “Bad Parts” and just goes uphill from there.



8. “The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute”

I really don’t have anything semi clever to add here. Just get the tissues ready for the invisible ninjas cutting onions.





7. Masked Intruder – Masked Intruder

Silly “pop” punk where dudes run around dressed in ski masks? Yeah I’m in. Seeing these guys during their stint on the Fat Tour really sold me, but it was probably what Blue told me after the show that earned a spot on this list:

“You see, that’s a sore spot for Green. He flunked out of kindergarten. Whenever he uses Play-Doh, it’s like that scene from Ghost.”

How can you not like them? Really?


6. Alkaline Trio – “My Shame Is True”

Alkaline Trio is just one of “those” bands for me. You know, that band that you absolutely positively have to go see when they come through your city, or you have all their records and can listen front to back without skipping any songs.





5. Off With Their Heads – “Home”

I don’t know which drew me in to Off With Their Heads first, the very first time I listened to “SOS” or the band’s ridiculous/hilarious Facebook statuses. Either way, the lyrics are so raw, so intense, and almost impossible to not identify yourself in them.




4. Come To Get Her – “Another Way To Go”

If you haven’t already heard this band/album, stop reading my list immediately and stream it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Okay you’re back, good. Being a DS editor, we are enabled to check out some of the newest acts in the punk rock world. Once Come To Get Her showed up in the inbox, I was hooked. Hopefully we see more of them in the new year.



3. Balance and Composure – “The Things We Think We’re Missing”

Like the band’s previous release, “Separation, ” “The Things We Think We’re Missing” has me hooked. I’m still kicking myself for missing their fall tour.





2. Less Than Jake – “See The Light”

Like Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake is one of those bands that I can’t be disappointed by (yeah even “In With The Out Crowd.) “See The Light” was well anticipated and definitely worth the wait.





1. Heartsounds – “Internal Eyes”

Wheeee another time that Heartsounds lands on my AOTY list. It’s well deserved and everything. I don’t have as much to add, just that if you enjoyed both “Drifter” and “Until We Surrender” you won’t be disappointed!




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