EP Review: Bad Cop/Bad Cop – ‘Boss Lady’

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Last year the four ladies of Bad Cop/Bad Cop were on stage performing at San Francisco’s famous Bear Pride celebrations. In the audience were many admirers of the foursome’s brand of multi vocal punk rock but one audience member had a plan. That plan, based on the sounds coming from the stage, was to sign the band and release a record. A good start, but it gets better. That audience member goes by the moniker of Fat Mike, and the label he wants to release the record on is Fat Wreck. Oh, and that record is this record!

Bad Cop/Bad Cop (consisting of Myra Gallarza on drums, Rinh Re on bass, Jennie Cotterill on guitar and vocals, and Stacey Dee also on guitar and vocals) are born out of the thriving LA punk scene and individually feature or have featured in bands such as The Angry Amputees, The Radio Sweetheart, Cunt Sparrer and Atomic Mom. Their songs are, as previously mentioned, vocally shared and are driven by this harmonious sister act.

The Boss Lady EP picks up from last year’s self titled single release and had impressively already been recorded and mastered by the time Fat Mike decided to welcome them into the Fat Wreck Family. On top of that the EP’s amazing artwork, featuring a six eyed, multi limbed Boss Lady was created by band member Cotterill, these ladies do DIY better than most!

The four tracks on offer are all fast paced, melodic, memorable and leave you hankering for the band’s full length that will be headed our way towards the end of the year. There is a definite cohesiveness to the band’s music, they have their own identifiably unique sound while effortlessly taking bits and pieces from the bands they love and throwing it all down into a hell of a good listen and by all accounts an amazing live show.

The EP starts with “My Life” and if you are completely new to the band then this is a perfect introduction. Acting as a mantra of sorts, the lyrics spell it out with ”I am who I am and that’s what I want to be”, unapologetic and a great opening track. Second track “Cucumber” is probably the most instant of the four and is a song you will find yourself incessantly singing and humming for the foreseeable future, you have been warned. Next up “Rodeo” is fantastic and a song that definitely showcases that much loved Fat Wreck sound. Lastly “Asshole”, the shortest and fastest of the four songs, rounds things off in style, this punk nugget will surely get the most static of audience members jumping around like no one’s watching!

The old adage about time flying by when you’re having fun definitely relates when listening to the Boss Lady EP as it’s seemingly over just like that. Short enough to leave you craving more and long enough to leave the impression you may just have found a new favorite band.

4 / 5 Stars

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