EP Review: The Dwarves – “Gentleman Blag”

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A new EP from The Dwarves on Fat Wreck Chords, this is very exciting!

Apparently ALL of the Dwarves both past and present appear on this EP including HeWhoCannotBeNamed and Salt Peter. It also features guest appearances from Dexter Holland (the Offspring) and Rex Everything (a.k.a. Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age/Mondo Generator/Kyuss).

Gentleman Blag is a 4 song adventure available on 7 Inch Vinyl for Five Bucks!

Track Listing
1. Side A Gentleman Blag/Trisexual*
2. Side B Kings of the World/Stuck in the Void*
*unreleased- does not appear on Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll LP

According to Blag himself the title track of “Gentleman Blag” it’s about “how big my c**k is”. If you’re familiar with The Dwarves at all you wouldn’t be shocked to hear him say that and to write a song about it too.  Dwarves lyrics are known for satirical and low-brow humor and that’s the way we likes em’ but lets give Blag Jesus credit where it is due, he’s one clever mother-f**ker. And beneath the pounding and shredding there is undeniable talent.

Fat Wreck has been pumping out some great releases this past year and this latest proves that 2015 is off to a great start! Fat seems to be a perfect fit for Dwarves music and Blag thinks so too, “The song “Kings of the World” reminded me of that Fat Wreck Chords sound; straightforward punk, big harmonies and lyrics about social issues.”

Although the track is only thirty-three seconds long “Trisexual” is a killer one to leave on repeat for a while. “That’s the way it’s done, son” is how this song begins and I can’t disagree with that at all. The delivery of the lyrics are fast and funny at times but the message clearly promotes sexual freedoms.

“Stuck In The Void” takes this EP on a twist in the musical climate previously established on the first 3 tracks. In this song the notes of the guitar and bass are dark and crunchy, the drums in the breakdown resemble that of which soldiers would march to, as whispers echo before the gritty screams return. Blag screams the words as if he is actually stuck and he needs rescuing from the void that he has found himself in but help never comes; or does it?

This 4 song collection is one that every punk-rocker in America and beyond should embrace as it reminds us that punk is not dead.  It’s in fact alive and well and sometimes it takes a group of punk mavericks like The Dwarves to remind us of that.

I give this EP 4 out of 5 stars

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