Forever the Sickest Kids to release new album next year

Jonathan Cook of the Texas pop punk band Forever the Sickest Kids recently told Propert of Zack that a new album is in the works and should be out in February or March of next year. Cook states:

“It’s going to be different, but not too different. It’s still going to be a lot of what the fans love from our first album. Underdog Alma Mater is what determined our sound. So we’re going back to a lot of that, but we’re also keeping in mind that what we listen to now is a little different than what we listened to five years ago. We don’t have a lot of the same influences between all four band members, but I would say each one of us is taking influences from different places than we did five years ago.”

He also hinted at a timetable for the new record, saying, “I think our goal is to put out an album around February. Kind of record over the holidays. Write until Thanksgiving, record over the holidays, and put something out in February or March.”

Last year, Forever the Sickest Kids released a self-titled album on Universal Motown Records before the label went out of business. This indicates that their new record could be released independently or otherwise.

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