Free Canadian punk compilation

Anxiety Attack Recordings has put out their Summer Punk Compilation for 2013.  The comp showcases Ontario’s finest, as picked and organized by Cactus Vella.  He said of it:

“[T]his compilation’s purpose is to document some of the hard working bands playing around Southern Ontario. Unfortunately it would have been impossible to include every band currently going so we highly encourage you to check out some of Ontario’s other bands for yourself.

It’s my hope that DJ’s will play these songs at their gigs, promoters with use this comp as a resource to booking better shows, and people everywhere will discover some new bands.

And the next time you hear someone say “The Scene ain’t what it used to be”, you can tell them to go fuck themselves, or even better, tell them to check out this comp.”

So, download this album, pass it around to all of your friends, and enjoy the sweet sounds of punk rock.  You can snag it at Anxiety Attack’s bandcamp page, or right here.

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