Greg Graffin talks about the name and concept of “True North”

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin was recently interviewed by O.C. Weekly, where he explained the concept and the meaning of the title of the band’s latest album True North, which he describes as a reflection of a “plan that parents give us.” Greg states:

“True North reflects the idea that as young people, we set out on this plan that our parents gave us. You can look at a map as a metaphor for this plan. Every map has a legend with an arrow that points to true north. But when you go out into the field with a compass, your needle is always pointing to magnetic north, which does not match exactly to true north. What we experience in life is truly our own experience, and it’s significantly different from the course that the map sent us out on. That is the journey of not only every young punk rocker. It’s the journey of every human being that doesn’t throw in the towel and stop living. We’re always searching for our own sense of true north.”

Bad Religion released their latest album True North in January on Epitaph Records. In recent months, guitarist Greg Hetson has been absent from the band, with The Cult‘s Mike Dimkich taking his place. Bad Religion will also be releasing a Christmas album next month, entitled Christmas Songs.

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